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Spore Master backup and restore

Download tools like Sporemaster and get the latest patches.
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Spore Master backup and restore

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------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE 7.30.20!!!!!!!!!!
Just fixed some code and removed extra bits

Hello in this tool. It will help you backup your saves and walk you through how to restore them (Step by step). This tool was made using the origin ver. I will need to do more testing with the steam and gog ver to make sure they work.

This will work for Ver
GoG==need more testing
Steam==need more testing

Programs you will need
WinRar OR 7ZiP
rar is slower but smaller file size
7zip is faster but bigger file size

Just unzip and run the file in the folder MASTER BACKUP. It will ask you which program do you want to use rar or 7zip first. When you run the file it will make two folders. SAVES AND CREATIONS. When you back up the files. It will copy the files over and zip them in said folders. Just put the folder (MASTER BACKUP) in a safe place. Also added a HOW TO on restoring your backups.

Over time I have been doing lots of tests to see what files you need and sizes. This program will delete four files out of your save files, that you don't need. The game will restore them when you reload.

files that will be edited/deleted

edited files
------These files you do need to play your game so what will happen to them is they will be dumped and reset to default. The game will refill them as needed over time. Each file can get to a max of 2gig

Deleted files
GraphicsCache.01.package 02 03 .....so on

-------You don't need this file to play. What I have found is the game will NEVER stop making this file. In my game i have had GraphicsCache.05.package each one was 2gig each making my save way to big. The way I have made this backup tool was to back up and save as much space as you can. In the past before. I started deleting this file. I had 200gig in backups. (I run this backup every time. I get done playing the game. I'm still playing the same save from when this game came out.) My backups after all of this is 1.9gig but i have lots of downloaded items.

You will see a file or files called
Pollination.package this file is all your downloaded items creatures ships so on. You could delete this file too, but then every time you load the game it would need to re-download. It would take way to long. I have three files at 2gig each.

Thank you to
Shinochin---for helping me fix some errors

If you need help just send me a Pm in discord.
Or you can come join me at Mudmen Mod discord https://discord.gg/kHzkM7U
Master Backup 7 30 20.rar
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