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Unread postby emd » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:39 am

We've recently added new smilies, representing Spore expansions and mods. Here you have a list with all of them, being

Code: Select all

. Use the code part to write those smilies to your post (well, they work as the rest of smilies do!).
Anyways, you can also see them in the right part of your screen in the "Smilies" tab. Hover them with the mouse to see which mod they represent.

    Spore :sp.ore: Image
    Creepy and Cute :c.c: Image
    Galactic Adventures :g.a: Image
    Exoskeleton limbs :e.x: Image
    1.5 patch :pat.ch1.5: Image
    Robot Parts :r.p: Image
    Better Spore :b.s: Image
    Dark Injection :d.i: Image
    Force Save :f.s: Image
    SporeCraft :s.c: Image
    Building & Vehicle Fusion :b.vf: Image
    Spore Resurrection Beta :s.r: Image

In this post you can also suggest new smilies, so, tell us what you'd like to have!
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