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So, you have installed Sporemaster 2.0

Before you do anything, Sporemaster needs to unpack a few game files. Make sure you are on the 'Spore Packages' tab located at the top left. Select the file you wish to locate and hit 'Change'.

Lets move to the 'Mod' tab. Personally, I think you should unpack any package files that came with your patches or expansions. This way you have the updated or newer files on hand. These files dont load everytime Sporemaster starts. You need to manually load these when needed. Click the 'Open' button, select the file, then click the 'Unpack' button.

Now we are going to create a new mod. Click the 'Create' button located in the 'Mod' tab. I am naming my mod file 'Davo_My_First_Mod_Tutoial'. Make sure you are in the 'Spore_EP1/Data' directory when you save a mod.

Now click on the 'Files' tab.

We are going to change the damage done from a level 5 Bite. Double click on the 'creatureabilities' folder and select the bite5.prop.xml file.

Click the 'Modify' button located at the top right. Doing this creates an editable file of what you selected.

Notice on the highlighted line, I changed the damage from 3 to 100000.

If you select the 'WinMerge' button, a program appears that compares the difference from the original and the modded file.

The 'Explore Left' button opens a folder containing all of the original unmodified files.

The 'Explore Right' button opens a folder containing all the files you selected to 'Modify'

The 'Erase Mod' button simply erases the modified file you have selected.

For now, press 'NO'!

Lets return to the 'Mod' tab.

'Pack' your mod and start Spore GA. Bite Lv. 5 should be a heck of an ability now!

Created by Davo